Refinance FAQ

When is a good time to refinance?

Refinancing your home, which is your most valuable asset, can benefit you in various ways. Refinancing is beneficial to you if: 

A. Interest rates are falling, and you would be able to lower your interest rate on a long-term fixed rate mortgage.

B. You are wanting to consolidate debt. You can refinance your home, paying off your existing mortgage along with other additional debts, to consolidate into one manageable monthly payment. 

C. Refinancing into a long-term fixed rate mortgage allows you to lock into a payment that is suitable to your budget. 

Refinancing is not always the best option for everyone. To find out whether or not a refinance is the right option for you, contact Nosari Home Mortgage. 

What can you pay off by refinancing?

Depending on the loan program, you can pay off your current mortgage, a second mortgage, installment loans, and credit card debts. If you're looking to pull cash out of your home for repairs or improvements, there are program options available for that as well. 

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