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Augment Your Retirement Income

Augment Your Retirement Income with a Reverse Mortgage

Retirement should present an opportunity for leisure, well-earned relaxation, and the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest without financial worries. But for some, it can be a time of uncertainty. Perhaps your retirement income isn't as much as you thought it would be by now.

If you're experiencing a shortfall, you have several options for closing the gap.

Retirement Funding Options


1. Delay retirement or return to work.
Pros - You continue earning income to pay your financial obligations.
Cons - You may be unable or unwilling to continue working because of poor health or other reasons.
2. Sell your house or downsize.
Pros - You eliminate or reduce your current mortgage payment and maintenance.
Cons - You may want to stay in your current home. You may still have a mortgage. Closing costs add to your financial burden.
3. Obtain a home equity loan or refinance your excising mortgage.
Pros - You may remain in your home. You may be able to lower your monthly mortgage payments and even pay off other debts.
Cons - To qualify for an equity loan, your income/debt ratio must be at a certain level, and you must have an acceptable credit score. You must still pay your monthly mortgage, plus closing costs for the equity loan.
4. Decrease expenses and modify your lifestyle.
Pros - You eliminate unnecessary expenses and reduce your monthly cash flow.
Cons - It may be difficult to cut back if you are already living frugally, or you may not want to sacrifice some comforts.
5. Obtain a reverse mortgage.
Pros - You access tax-free cash to pay off your mortgage and may have additional funds for expenses or financial goals.
Cons - Upon your death, the Reverse Mortgage loan must be paid off. Any equity that remains goes to your heirs.

Many senior homeowners are taking advantage of a Reverse Mortgage to supplement their retirement. It's not only flexible; it also offers security and predictability in today's challenging economy. A Reverse Mortgage may be the ideal solution for you.

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